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Square D by Schneider Electric LGF36600U31XAAUOYH1 is a Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) within the PowerPacT LGF sub-range. It features a factory-installed 24Vdc undervoltage (U/V) trip release coil and a factory-installed 1A/1B (1NO+1NC) auxiliary switch OF wire harness. Designed for PowerPacT L-Frame 600 Micrologic 3.3 (LI), this 3-pole (3P) circuit breaker is rated for 600A and 600Vac, with a busbar rating of 80% and an 18kA busbar. It offers long-time (L) and instantaneous (I) protection functions, with a rated insulation voltage (Ui) of 750 V and a rated voltage (AC) of 600Vac 600Y/347Vac. The unit is designed for individual unit mount on plate, with a net height of 382 mm, width of 153 mm, and depth of 171 mm. It has an IP40 degree of protection and operates manually via a toggle. Protection settings include L - Protection against overload adjustable from 0.3 to 1 x In (50A to 150A) and I - Instantaneous protection against short-circuit adjustable from 1.5 to 11 x In (900A to 6600A). The control voltage (AC) specification indicates that the circuit breaker opens instantaneously when the undervoltage trip supply voltage drops between 35% and 70% of its rated control voltage, allowing closing when the supply voltage reaches 85% of rated control voltage. The rated operating voltage (Ue) is 690 V, with a rated impulse voltage (Uimp) of 8 kV. The trip current rating is 600 AT, with a frame current rating of 600 AF. It has a short circuit breaking rating of 65kA at 240Vac, 35kA at 480Vac, 35kA at 480Y/277Vac, 18kA at 600Vac, 18kA at 600Y/347Vac, and 20kA at 500Vdc, all according to UL489 standards. The trip unit type is an electronic Micrologic Standard 3.3 (LI) with LI protection and no display, categorized under utilisation category A.

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