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center locking with strain relief; for female and male connectors; 50.8 mm wide; 2 parts; Pin spacing 10.16 mm; 5-pole; orange


center locking with strain relief; for female and male connectors; 50.8 mm wide; 2 parts; Pin spacing 10.16 mm; 5-pole; orange

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WAGO 756-5401/050-050 is an automation part with an operating voltage of 250 VAC/DC and an operating current of 4A. It has a rated surge voltage of 1.5kV and an insulation resistance greater than 10^9Ω. The contact resistance is specified at 10mΩ, and the conductor resistance is less than or equal to 60Ω. This part is designed for environments with a pollution degree of 3 per VDE 0110 and offers protection type IP67, making it suitable for use in conditions with ambient (operating) temperatures ranging from -50 to +90°C statically and -25 to +90°C dynamically. It is compatible with drag chains, featuring a minimum bending radius of 10 times the cable diameter, 2 million bending cycles, a minimum acceleration of 5, a maximum travel speed of 3.33, and maximum travel paths of 5 meters horizontally and 2 meters vertically. The torsional capacity is 180. The cable, measuring 5 meters in length, is made of bare copper wire (fine-stranded 42 x 0.1mm) with PP9Y (halogen-free) conductor insulation and a polyurethane (PUR) sheath that is halogen-free per DIN VDE 0472 Part 815, flame resistant per IEC 332-2, and self-extinguishing. The sheathed cable is black, with a diameter of 4.8 to 5.2mm. Connection is facilitated through an M12 socket to M12 plug, with a 5-pole number and A-coded connector interface coding. The housing and contact materials are made of polyurethane (PUR) and CuSn, respectively, with a tightening torque of 1Nm. This product is categorized under Product Group 23 (I/O passive and accessories), with a packaging unit of 10 pieces per box and a country of origin in Hungary. It has a GTIN of 4055143060967 and a customs tariff number of 85444290900. It complies with RoHS, indicating no exemption from environmental product compliance standards.

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