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1-conductor male connector; CAGE CLAMP®; 2.5 mm²; Pin spacing 7.62 mm; 3-pole; Snap-in flange; 2,50 mm²; orange


1-conductor male connector; CAGE CLAMP®; 2.5 mm²; Pin spacing 7.62 mm; 3-pole; Snap-in flange; 2,50 mm²; orange

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WAGO 734-105/107-000 is a connector part of the MCS - MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM, designed without breaking capacity as per DIN EN 61984, indicating it should not be connected or disconnected under load or when live. It adheres to IEC/EN 60664-1 standards, with nominal and rated voltages of 160V and 320V under different conditions, and a rated impulse voltage of 2.5kV. The rated current is 10A. UL and CSA approvals are included, with rated voltages of 300V and rated currents of 10A for both standards. This part features 5 connection points, supports a single connection type across one level, and utilizes CAGE CLAMP technology for connections, suitable for solid and fine-stranded conductors ranging from 0.08 to 1.5mm2 (28 to 14 AWG). The strip length for connections is 6 to 7mm, and it has a 5-pole configuration. Physical dimensions include a pin spacing of 3.5mm, width of 27mm, height of 13.4mm, and depth of 18.6mm. It offers variable coding, anti-rotation protection, and is made from light gray Polyamide (PA66) with a flammability class of UL94 V0. The connector is a female socket type with screw flange locking, designed for conductor connections, and includes mismating protection. The contact material is a copper alloy with tin plating. It operates within a temperature range of -60 to +100°C and has a fire load of 0.073MJ, weighing 5.3g. This product is RoHS compliant, packaged in boxes of 50 pieces, and manufactured in Germany with a GTIN of 4045454683511.

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