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SAB North America is a focused supplier to the automation and robotics industries, providing cable solutions that meet, exceed and set new standards in the flexible cable market. We ensure our customers success by providing experience, speed, service and dedication to quality.
Our new torsional cable has set the standard for clean room robotic cable.

Powermatic Associates is the authorized distributor for SAB Cabling throughout Northern California, Central Valley California, Austin, San Antonio, and throughout central and south Texas.

SAB North America is a leading manufacturer of flexible cables for automation and control.

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The strength of SAB lies not only in the production of standardized cable products, and off the shelf stock, but also in the development and manufacturing of special products that unerringly meet their customers’ exacting specifications. Each year, SAB manufactures more than 1,500 custom products for its customers, and each cable SAB is asked to develop is a challenge the company’s technical team proudly meets head-on.

SAB products are now known in more than 40 countries of the world and are often specified by name. Customers have tested SAB products intensively and have confirmed that most have a longer service life – and are of an overall better quality – than similar products they have used.

All SAB products are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.