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Novanta IMS is a manufacturer of motion control components for automation equipment with a commitment to Excellence in Motion. The company is a proven leader in innovative motion control solutions for stepper motors and electronic controls, and the world leader in integrated motor drives with the MDrive® product line.

Founded in 1986 as Intelligent Motion Systems (IMS), they were acquired by Schneider Electric in 2008 and rebranded to Schneider Electric Motion. They were more recently acquired by Novanta in 2021, and have updated their company name to Novanta IMS (Intelligent Motion Steppers). As an R&D driven company, their experienced team of Connecticut-based engineers continue to develop innovative solutions in brushless motor technology and electronic controls for applications demanding highly precise, controlled movement in areas including medical instruments, lab automation, assembly, robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, packaging, laser marking and pick-and-place.

Powermatic Associates is an authorized distributor for IMS throughout California.

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